Why everyone Loves The Saratoga Santa

The Moynihan Family, Cleverdale, New York

Santa  comes to our home each year a few days before Christmas.  You wouldn’t  believe the excitement.  We all sing “Must Be Santa” together and family  pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus are taken.  Santa has a knack of  always looking at the camera, and looking great.  Our years of pictures  are wonderful.  Santa can’t get over how our little kids have grown, but  Santa will always be the same.  When our children are asked their  childhood memories, Santa and Mrs. Claus always come first.  We are  blessed. 

The Pickett’s: John, Amy, Jonathan and Jacob, Mechanicville, New York

We  couldn't believe our eyes when walking into the shopping center at  Wilton Mall twelve years ago. What amazing surprise to see Santa...in  mid-July! Of course, the kids were thrilled and we just had to go up to  talk to him. He was so friendly, just like Santa ought to be, and he  seemed just as thrilled to see the kids. Of course we always knew Santa  was special, but getting to meet him like that, it all makes sense just  how magical he really is! Santa Clause has been making special visits at  our family and friends' annual holiday gathering ever since and the  kids are still amazed every time he visits. My family is lucky enough to  call Santa their friend from that day in the mall all those years  ago...and it's something we hold on to forever. 

He's the real Santa!

The Amorosi Family, Clifton Park, New York

Santa  is the type of person that makes the world a better place just by being  himself.   The incredible, happy memories he has created for us and our son are the kind of "over the top" memories you carry with you through  out all of your life. His suit, his laugh, his smile and the twinkle in  his eye are all any person needs to truely believe he is the real Santa Claus .....forever!!!

We love you, Santa!!

The Savini Family, Ballston Spa, New York

The  kids have come to wonder if he’s coming every year and they wait  anxiously at the front window. As he rolls up in his ‘Santa car’ the  kids begin to jump about with excitement. This Santa is the real deal.  He is authentic, kind and jovial. It’s such a blessing to have him stop  by to create a beautiful memory that will last for many years to come.  We certainly love that Santa pops in for our Christmas Eve brunch and we  sure do hope he shows up again! 

-The Mallozzi Family, Schenectady, New York

Nothing  compares to seeing the look on your children's faces when they meet the  real Santa for the first time. We look forward to his visit just as  much as the kids do.

Chuck and Melisa Allen Saratoga Springs, New York

 Having Santa at our house yearly will be some of my children's fondest childhood memories. The look in their eyes at our annual Christmas party or when we are lucky enough to bump into Santa in the summer are times I will never forget. I would encourage any family with young children to create a lifetime of holiday memories by including Santa in their holiday festivities.  

Why everyone Loves The Saratoga Santa

The Cocozzo and Moore Families, Saratoga Springs, New york

Santa at our home on Christmas Eve is the high point of the day. The children all get time on Santa's lap to discuss whether they were naughty or nice and then receive a present from Santa himself. Santa takes time out of his busy schedule to take family photos which become great memories of Christmas Eve. Santa explained to my nephew how the reindeer have to rest sometimes and that's why he arrives in his Christmas car. We can't wait to have Santa back again this year!

Scott Lebed, General Manager, Olive Garden Queensbury, New York

 For years now, Santa has been delighting our staff and guests with a special visit before Christmas.  Every year I have guests and employees that come to me to find out when Santa is coming to town.  The Olive Garden believes in a "friends and family" mentality first with warmth and generosity; and Santa helps us to deliver.  Even though there is just one magical night designated for a night with Santa at the Queensbury, NY Olive Garden, he graces us with his presence all year long by dining with us.  While dining, at any time of the year, kids (and adults), eyes pop when they catch a glimpse....and Santa is always there to take the time and make sure they are being good all year long and not just at Christmas time.


G. Willikers Toy Store, Broadway Saratoga Springs, New York

 Fred makes every day feel like the Christmas holidays. Whether he is in his Santa outfit or not, he is always in character, smiling and being so friendly, especially to the children. He puts a smile on everyone’s face no matter how old they are, conveying the true message of the holidays. 

The Cocozzo Family Saratoga Springs, New York

Thank you, thank you Santa Claus!
For the past three years, you have delighted our family by bringing the spirit of Christmas into our home.  On your initial visit some of our little ones were a bit apprehensive, but with a sparkle in your eye and a magical chuckle, you won them over in no time.  And oh that beard!!  Now, young and old alike wait anxiously to welcome you, our dear friend who brings so much joy and happiness.  You are definitely the star attraction.
Thank you again for all the wonderful memories you have helped to create.  We have captured them in some of our best family photos ever!

Marian Roth & Joe Potrzuski Saratoga Springs, New York

Santa was at our home for each of the last three Christmas seasons as a surprise visitor to the family parties we hosted.  He was the star of each party as he filled the children with wonderment, singing with them, talking with them as they each sat on his lap and giving each a small gift.  They were thrilled beyond words, and their eyes hardly left him all the while he was there.  Our granddaughter summed up his visit sweetly and simply as he left, telling us that she knows 

“He is the real Santa.”

The Griskowitz Family Putnam Market Saratoga Springs, New York

 Santa has been part of our holiday parties for nearly 10 years.  He is the real deal!  Our four children and their friends have grown up with Santa visiting our house.  Even the teenagers are so happy to see him.  We love running in to him throughout the year at various functions...it's a reminder that "he knows when you've been bad or good".  And we love Santa's song "Must be Santa"...we sing it 2-3 times at every holiday party.  We believe!  


Why everyone Loves The Saratoga Santa

-The Saratoga Winery, Saratoga, New York

 The Saratoga Winery is so grateful to have the opportunity to host The Saratoga Santa on an annual basis. Santa's genuine care for the children ​and warm personality make for our most popular event of the year. His dedication to offering such a perfect representation of Santa Claus sparks a bit of magic and belief in both adults and children alike.


Meyer Family, Saratoga Springs, New York

 Saratoga Santa has become a huge part of our family Christmas tradition.  Santa takes time talking to each child and asks questions and makes them feel special.  From the looks on the childrens faces,  to hearing them sing along with Santa to his signature tune "Must Be Santa" there is no better way to kick off our Christmas season.  It all makes the anticipation of the approaching holiday that much better.  It is always my favorite day approaching Christmas and you too will again Believe!!!!

The Barthelma's Family Wilton, New York

 Our family enjoys Santa's visit each year. As soon as December hits, our kids are constantly asking and wondering when "The big day"will be.  Along with their friends and cousins, they ecstatically race to open the door when the doorbell rings. They are not quite sure why they are the few lucky ones who the Real Santa chooses to visit, but they embrace every moment of their time with him. Their special gift, personal chat and "Must Be Santa" sing along is a tradition that they are sure to share memories of with generations to come. 

“Breakfast with Santa” Elves at Saratoga Hospital Saratoga Springs, New York

Saratoga Hospital’s “Breakfast with Santa” is one of the highlights of the year for our employees, physicians, volunteers, and their little ones! Smiling Santa arrives bright and early with a beaming smile and a heartfelt “Ho, Ho, Ho!” He has a red bag brimming with presents for the hundreds of children who wait in line to whisper to him their holiday wishes. Pictures are taken, Santa’s real beard and tummy given a pat, and sentimental memories that last a lifetime are created. We at Saratoga Hospital thank Santa for coming from the North Pole to visit with us every year; it wouldn’t be Christmas without our Santa.

Wayne and Jessica Salmon Saratoga Springs, NY

 Santa has come to visit our neighborhood Holiday Party for years now and the children are so excited every year.  They love to tell their friends and teachers all about Santa's visit.  My favorite Santa memory was when I was putting my five year old daughter to bed the night of our party and she told me "You know Mom that was the real Santa."  It warms my heart to think that my children will have such wonderful childhood memories of the holiday season because of our traditional Santa visit.  We have pictures that are far better than any mall picture out there.  

Hilton Garden Inn Saratoga Team Saratoga Springs, New York

 The Hilton Garden Inn Saratoga Springs is thrilled to have Santa visit our hotel year round. Santa always brings a smile to our guests faces and delights kids that stay at the property. He always takes the time out to talk and take pictures with all of the travelers staying at our hotel. We also love having him at our hotel in December for Breakfast with Santa which is an annual event at the Hilton Garden Inn. Thank you Santa for bringing cheer and happiness to our hotel!


Why everyone Loves The Saratoga Santa

Ron Ireland, General Manager Saratoga Golf and Polo Club Saratoga Springs, New York

Santa appears at both of our family Breakfasts with Santa as well as our Member Holiday Party.

I have found dealing with Santa very easy. As you can tell from his photos I don’t think that there is a better Santa around.  

Most important to us is the fact that he truly has the Christmas Spirit and brings it with him to each and every event. I strongly endorse him for any type of event you would have.


Nick Bonarrigo, General Manager Mohawk Honda Scotia, New York



North Country Academy Saratoga Springs, New York (and 5 other locations)

The love in his heart and the kindness that he shares are one of a kind.  No matter what your age, we would all have to agree that the twinkle in his eye will make you believe.


The Bourdeau Family Corinth, New York

 We have had Santa come to our house for seven years now and my “little ladies” refer to him as their Santa. We follow Santa to many of his events and have never been disappointed.   My “little ladies” love there Santa. 


Prestwick Chase Residents Kellie Postlethwaite (Activities Director) Saratoga Springs, New York

The Prestwick Chase Community would like to recommend Fred Clark as the best Santa. Each Year he visits Prestwick for our tree trimming party. The residents and family members who attend always comment “How did you get the REAL Santa?? Santa is the reason we look forward to the Magic of the season.


The Grande Family Saratoga Springs, New York

One of our favorite Christmas traditions is a visit from Santa! Our children delight in his surprise visit and we all enjoy a truly magical evening sitting by the Christmas tree as they tell Santa their wishes and ask him sweet questions about Rudolph, Mrs. Claus and the elves. Our evening is made complete with a rousing rendition of "Here Comes Santa" and some jolly "HO - HO - HOs!"

Why everyone Loves The Saratoga Santa

Gail Hamel. Hamel Resources, L.L.C. South Glens Falls Holiday Parade Coordinator

 I have been involved with the Holiday Parade that takes place in South Glens Falls for decades. As the parade coordinator for the past 9 years, I have had the opportunity to experience the joy of working with The Saratoga Santa. As we all know, there are many who step in to help Santa fulfill this role during the busy holiday season - Santa is the real deal. Nobody will ever question that he came directly from the North Pole for your event to spread the holiday spirit that only Santa can bring. He can tell me whatever he wants; I know he is really Santa!


The Hickey’s Ballston Spa, New York

 Santa has been coming to our house entertaining us with the holiday spirit for the last five years. His enthusiasm and professionalism cannot be beat and having him with us definitely brings a magical experience to the holiday that all family members look forward to. We look forward to many more warm family memories shared with Santa in the future!


Michele Riggi Saratoga Springs, New York


It was so exciting for our family to have Santa Claus pop in on Christmas Day!

The entire family shared special moments with him chatting about what they wanted and about how fortunate they are. Santa’s jolliness and kindness made for such a wonderful day!

We can’t wait for next Christmas so we can have him spend time with our family once again!

The jingling of this bells and his jolly Ho Ho Ho are the BEST memories any one can have!!!

Xoxox to Santa

Maestro’s at The Van Dam Saratoga Springs, New York

Each year Santa travels through the blistering cold to meet with hundreds of children during Saratoga’s Annual Victorian street walk.  He waits patiently on the porch of Maestros to speak with every child that stands in line to whisper in his ear what they would like for Christmas. We truly appreciate him spreading the holiday cheer again and again every year.  


Philip Plum Dandy Cookies & Milk Saratoga, New York

Santa is the Best!!.  Not only does he look the part, he embodies the holiday spirit.  He displays great kindness and patience with the children, mindful that each child receives a true Santa experience.  He makes our annual Milk & Cookies with Santa special each year.  I’m confident he will not disappoint—tug his beard and find out. true Santa experience.  He makes our annual Milk & Cookies with Santa special each year.  I’m confident he will not disappoint—tug his beard and find out.